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Every donation helps!

PINA e.V. is a tax exempt organisation which currently supports 2 projects, the Macaca Nigra Project and Tangkoko Conservation Education and helps to collect donations for each.

Please visit our project page Macaca Nigra Project to see how research, conservation and education work together to help the critically endangered crested black macaques.

If they want to support specific areas of MNP and TCE, provide the remittance with an appropriate keyword (for example, “research”, “field assistants”, “field station”, “school supplies” …).  

If you have further question regarding donations or out work please feel free to contact us via

Donate with SEPA

  • Name: PINA e.V.
  • Bank:   Deutsche Skatbank
  • IBAN:  DE87 8306 5408 0004 1016 77

Tax deduction in Germany

For donations up to 200 Euro, a simplified proof of donation is accepted by the German tax authorities. For example, a deposit slip or a bank statement showing the donation is sufficient. For donations over 200 Euro, you will automatically receive a donation receipt at the beginning of the following year, as long as you have provided us with your contact details.

Tax deduction in other countries

In other EU countries it might be similar to Germany (see above), better check whether you can apply for tax deduction.

In non-EU countries, tax deduction is unlikely.